Inhabitants, artists, associations, companies and firms from the Northern districts of Marseille take you for a walk, many walks, urban walks where concrete, tiles, as much as wild nature and hills co-exist… That is Marseille from a Northern point of view…

The Hôtel du Nord walks, short or long, easy or more challenging, invite you to experience manyfold forms, themes, landscapes… Walks deriving from the « Récits d’hospitalité », allowing you to get very precise, yet all but academic historical knowledge, heritage walks that the inhabitants themselves have built up on their own territory, artists’ walks, botanists’ walks, the so called « Terroir des cités » walks (telling you the history as much as the to-day issues of the housing estates and their neighbourhood, here or there), the walks that are collectively created,

or created by a single author (…), so many explorations in order to experiment, understand better, with our feet, our mind, and all our senses the Northern districts of Marseille, from original, unusual and varied points of view.
The Hôtel du Nord Cooperative can organise for you the walk you will choose, depending on the time of year, and your actual demand (precise time, pre-arranged group, maximum walking time…) .
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