In the Northern districts of Marseilles, where the housing estates stand besides the mansion houses (called “bastides” in Provence), you might discover well-hidden but infinite culture and history, that the inhabitants are digging up for themselves, and… YOU… 
For several years now they have been searching, trawling through information, memories, elders’ accounts, and delving into an abundant, but almost burried heritage..


You may be received in some guest rooms by inhabitants at their own places, or stay in some independant flats or cottages next to their homes, thus enjoying a sharing experience, explore the area through very special walks, taste local delicacies, and discover the texts, images, and sounds which are the result of an enthousiastic effort to make those Northern districts of Marseilles as well-known as they deserve….

To make the Northern districts of Marseilles, their heritage, and their hospitality ALIVE, HEARD OF… TO-DAY, the HÔTEL DU NORD cooperative obeys a very simple principle: we sell what we make, we make what we sell, in the interests of all who live, work or spend some time in those Nothern districts of Marseille.

Since 2013, the cooperative goes on promoting the social value of heritage, and the recognition of our districts (the 2nd, 3rd, 13th, 14th,15th, 16th boroughs of Marseille, as well as Vitrolles)

Further to a favourable response from the Ministry of Consumer and Social Economy, it may to-day expand its hospitality offer through an Incoming Cooperative Agency, the first of its kind.

The cooperative “HÔTEL DU NORD” as a dream was born in 2009, then was kind of tested in 2010, and since January 2011 is an inhabitants’ cooperative for real.

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Depuis les premières marches collectives avec Christine Breton les Journées Européennes du Patrimoine sont restées un moment symbolique fort pour affirmer et partager une approche vivante du patrimoine, qui relie, tisse les histoires, nous invitant à mieux habiter en renforçant nos voisinages et notre sens des lieux. Cette année, à

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Prosper W

Les cheminées des collines, entre pastoralisme et toxic tour

Réalisation par Guillaume Baudoin / Production Hôtel du Nord et l’association environnement Septèmes-les-Vallons et environs – AESE. Chaque année la coopérative Hôtel du Nord propose de construire à plusieurs, sous le nom collectif du Mille pattes, de nouvelles balades avec ceux qui en ont envie, voisins d’à côté ou d’un

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