Today is Spring! Find Now the calendar of our seasonal heritage walks.

Hello everyone, here is the time of the new spring and the beautiful days that bloom, conducive to beautiful walks in your company. In the neighborhoods of the Aygalades, from the ESTA, from Mourepiane, from Saint Antoine, from La Belle de Mai, from La Cabucelle, from Saint Andre, from Saint Louis, from Varma, from La Joliette…, join us in walks designed by and with the inhabitants in search of traces Of yesterday and of the figures of the present. To observe what is there, to meet the memories, to contemplate the landscapes beyond the harbour, to walk the hills, to look at the city as a vast factory of history (s). Walks in the image of the diversity of the northern districts of Marseille.

Sunday 1 April «Jumps Vallons» + Feast. From Marseille to Septèmes. Saturday, April 7th-Choose between 2 walks that converge:. 1001 Nights #5 "land-side" stroll. Aygalades to St. Antoine. . 1001 Nights #5 "sea-side" stroll. From Pradel to St. Antoine. Sunday April 15th to discover the Belle of Mai. Saturday, April 21 «The art of doing… ». Our Lady limit. Saturday, May 5 "The ESTA is its cultural and industrial heritage". Sunday, May 6 "open doors in Bees". Mayan Glen. Tuesday 15 May "stroll and market in the North Hospital". Saturday, June 2 "Saumaty, Port side". Saturday, June 2 "Flowers on the city". St. Louis, La Viste. Sunday, June 3 "from bees to goats". Aygalades to Septèmes. Excursions National days of archaeology:. Saturday, June 16, "The road of the Celts". From the ESTA to the Nerthe. . Sunday 17 June "The oppidum of Varma".

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