Spring Heritage Stroll #11: Mythical meetings in Varma 1 # 2, Sunday June 17.

You will follow the steps of Nathalie Cazals, an archaeologist, who has long been fascinated by the oppidum of Varma, a former Gaulish village, Celtic is now said. From the heights of Varma opens another point of view because of its exceptional geographical location. On the city first, because it draws here an urban cartography where flows and networks cross a mosaic of village hamlets and large ensembles. On the founding myth of Marseille then, because its history of love and reconciliation of peoples has many reasons to be and is interpreted otherwise from the Celtic world in front of the centrality of Massalia the Greek. An ancient narrative that resonates until today to discuss with the inhabitants the relationship between Centralities and Peripheries, to discuss also the future of the archaeological site that will be rehabilitated this year. Proposal in the context of National days Archaeology 2018 programming spring 2018. ATTENTION NB: For reasons of number of PLACES on isced two programming of this same stroll are offered in the same morning.: From 9:30 and from 11:00 to 12:30 hourly Listings # 1 here. Hourly Listings # 2 here.

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