Spring Heritage Stroll #8: Saumaty, Port side, Saturday, June 2.

Not really a neighborhood, Saumaty is both the name of a cove, a tower, a port, a tile factory, an activity area… Remodelled, the earth became embankments nibbled the sea until it became in 1976 the last extension of the great port of Marseille to include the fishing port and the auction, then located on the old port. of unpredictable access, the fishing port of Saumaty remains a somewhat mysterious place, a little hidden, unknown in its function and its trades. It is also a huge reservoir of stories, know-how and knowledge about the Mediterranean. Just pass the barrier and meet… A stroll punctuated by the artistic interventions of the collective of musicians Bo Monsters, the singer Julie Biereye and the visual artist Emilie Petit. Registration here.

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