Spring Heritage Stroll #10: The route of the Celts: from the Gallie to the oppidum of the Bell, Saturday 16 June.

The oppidum of the bell is located on a road connecting Marseille with the lake of Leo. Destroyed by the Roman troops in 49 BCE, excavated and then classified historical Monument in 2004, it tells the Celtic-Ligurian past but also the circulations in a metropolitan territory practiced by men for thousands of years. Walking in the steps of the Celts, we will meet along the way the stories of the many inhabitants of the massif of the Nerthe:

  • Those who still live in the very discreet hamlet of the Gallie and its chapel
  • Those whose traces we find in the ancient domains Cossimont, Turkish or in the multiple military fortifications
  • Those who came with the industrialization of the massif, but also the many "non-humans" who participate in the richness of these hills (plant species, birds, amphibians…)

Picnic from the bag at the end of the trip. In the framework: National days Archaeology 2018 programming Spring 2018 registrations here.

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