Christiane Martinez: The sea and the mothers

Who says that in our city there is no sea? We don't have the sea but we have ideas.  Like every year, when the beautiful days arrive, the children of the city contribute, buy an inflatable swimming pool and install it near the hydrant, right in front of their primary school. And there, a huge stream of water gushes out and fills the pool. And the faces, like the bigger ones, give it to heart joy.  The moms are rave to see their kids have fun until they feel like it. Some of them even dare to dip their feet. The little ones bring their toys and float them on the water. Others suck ice from the water. And moms are glad to see them fall asleep soon enough. "The sea on the north side" by Christiane Martinez, guest house of the North written by Christiane Martinez:

  • Christiane Martinez: The sea and the mothers
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