Press release: Launch of the H2H cooperative, human to human

In the face of the decline in human rights, the State of rights and democracy, in the face of the withdrawal of States, the closure of borders and the liberalization of labour law, economic actors choose to cooperate to reaffirm and strengthen these rights , common heritage of Europe [1] on the occasion of the Labour Day of 1 May and 80 years of paid leave, these actors have chosen to announce the creation of the H2H-Human to human cooperative. From social tourism, open source, culture, handicrafts, the cooperative world, H2H federates more than 200 economic actors spread over a hundred cities and villages in France to create and manage a common tool for promoting and Marketing of Hospitality offers. Offers of walks, stays, accommodations, local products designed with the inhabitants in respect of the territories and their guests. Co-produced offers of travel, hospitality and discovery of local products and know-how, to demonstrate that wealth is created physically on the territories and thanks to its actors. H2H aims to facilitate the meeting, the linking, the exchange, the transmission, the discovery of the other and the territories. Its digital platform being developed as a tool for linking to the purpose of the project: to promote a fairer distribution of wealth in order to sustain the activities that nourish the territories and the men. Declared since April 20, 2016, winner of the Innovation Prize of the Forum of the UNAT, supported by public actors, private and thanks to the capital investment of the founders, the Coopérative H2H continues its work of pooling and launches its first Workshops to create its digital platform, its brand and its host school. Poitiers, on 03/05/2016 the founders: North Hotel, Ekitour, Minga, Square Point

1 The common heritage of Europe covers all cultural heritages in Europe constituting a shared source of memory, understanding, identity, cohesion and creativity and the ideals, principles and values derived from The experience of past progress and conflict, which promotes the development of a society of peace and stability based on respect for human rights, democracy and the rule of law. Article 3 – Common heritage of Europe. Council of Europe Framework Convention on the value of cultural heritage for society.

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