Foresta it's starting again!

    For almost two years inventing step by step and hands in the land the possible become wastelands near large coastline. After the installation of the networks (water and electricity) this summer, a series of appointments invites you to both explore, understand and produce.   From Monday 27 to Wednesday 29 August (full) workshop Canissos, [construction workshop braiding of Cannes de Provence] Sunday 2 September at 2.30 pm 1001 Nights: At the foot of the letters [stroll + cultural Event] on registration Saturday 15 September at 2.30 pm stroll Herbarium #1: Botanical Exploration of the slope [stroll] on registration Saturday 29 September at the Biodiversity Tour #1: The fundamentals [Stroll] on registration Saturday 13 October at conferences marchés #1: [Stroll with a guest] on registration Sunday 14 October to 10.30 am Ecological Circulation #1: From the Massif de la Nerthe to the Brook des Aygalades [Stroll] Wednesday 24 October #2 Herbarium: Botanical exploration [stroll] on registration Wednesday 14 November at 14h Walk Herbarium #3: botanical exploration [Stroll ] on registration Saturday 24 November at the Biodiversity Tour #2: The fundamentals [Stroll] on Saturday 8 December at conferences marchés #2: [Stroll with a guest] Saturday 15 December at 14h walking Herbarium #4: botanical Exploration [stroll] On Registration

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