Céline BOURBOUSSON: Northern Hotel, Femu Quì: from the search for meaning between the northern districts of Marseille and Corsica

Céline BOURBOUSSON, Master 2 RH social and solidarity economy in AIX MARSEILLE University Faculty of Economics and Management presented and supported in September 2013 its memory organization and project: What mobilization Within "ORGANISATIONS-frontiers"? North Hotel, Femu Quì: From the quest for meaning between the northern districts of Marseille and Corsica.  His memory director was Nadine richer-ball, lecturer in economics. To all the anonymous heroes of the northern districts of Marseille, northern Hotel members and other reckless citizens, who work every day in the shadows for a better society. To you who defy injustice, abuse and spoliations, without any loosening, with this force that characterizes you. Per u populu Corsu, anch'ellu colpu dà the Accanimentu Mediàticu, Chì Lotta per campà di manea Dégna, si Batt contru à mommificazione di a socultura, Èsiliu, è a caliata di a so lingua. A voi altri Corsi ammuniti, Uniti è cumbattanti, purtati da un spiritist di ghjustizià è di family. Arritti tutti, o ghjenti!

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