Integrate hospitality in social housing with the law "Equality and Citizenship"!

The "Equality and Citizenship" Bill should be considered this week by the Council of State, for a presentation in the Council of Ministers in March and then in Parliament before this summer. The text contains an important housing component, including social habitat in order to "prevent the inbetween". This bill could fully incorporate our proposal to be able to experience hospitality in social housing with all the people involved. Local legislative experimentation is the authorization given by a law to a territorial community to apply a public policy that is not part of its legal powers, for a given period of time. The purpose of legislative experimentation is to study the effects of a reform or a law on a sample of people and in a limited time. The co-operative of Northerners hotel and others like the association home suburbs in Seine Saint Denis successfully offer hospitality in guest rooms and urban walks in areas where the social habitat is very present. This helps to generate complementary income locally, to change the image of these neighbourhoods and to an active citizenship. To date, the law prohibits subletting in social housing with a few exceptions ready and thus the exercise of the House of hosts. Experiments in this limited framework seem inconclusive (intergenerational housing, etc.). A large part of the inhabitants, and members of the Northern Hotel in particular, cannot actually offer their hospitality, even occasionally, at the risk of being expelled and having a strong fine. In view of the Faro Convention, and since August 2015 of our law which guarantees cultural rights, they do not have the same right to welcome and share their histories and their heritage environment. There is, however, a local demand to accommodate parents, persons on probation in nearby businesses (notably in ZFU), stakeholders in the associative community or on the part of social donors (artistic residence, staff) in neighbourhoods Often lacking accommodation offerings. Moreover, social donors tolerate it at the time of major events and an offer emerges on the collaborative platforms. As there are stories, cultural heritages and hosts. Hospitality is not limited to lodging, we offer it through our heritage walks including the "strolls of the cities", in the Centipede, manufactures of stories of the cooperative, in our books such as the accounts of hospitality and in our CO Artistic productions. The activity of the guest house is particularly simple administratively (declaration in town Hall and insurer), economically interesting if it remains modest (not banned and without social charges), rich humanly because the meeting there is Obligatory (breakfast at the inhabitant) and favorable to the surrounding activities (catering, cultural activities, etc.). His authorization in social housing also raises questions of under-occupation, distortion of competition, assurentielles, responsibility of the social landlord, etc. In order to identify these brakes and benefits, we had in the year 2012 many Meetings with social donors, parliamentarians, residents, heritage communities, tenants ' friendlies and people involved in the neighbourhoods of social housing (neighbourhood authorities, Prefect's representative, etc). We also carried out pilot operations on the occasion of Marseille European Capital of Culture in 2013 and studied processes like the Albergo Diffuso in Italy which could serve as an example to an approach of hospitality not centered on the only host But on the whole of the city of social housing. We thus constitute a "comprehensive dossier" on what could be the subject of legislative experimentation. The ball is from the side of the state and our parliamentarians that we regularly question on this subject in Marseille and Seine-Saint Denis. Hopefully this time successfully. HdN D. Foal © Poster Bel at the ravine of the Viste  

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