The cooperative platform The birds of passage stops in Marseille

Friday 1 December from 14:30 to 16:30, the CCO Social Centre Bernard Du Bois (16 Rue Bernard Dubois, Marseille 1st) will host a public presentation of our new co-operative platform the birds of passage

A European cooperative platform to be able to offer the reception, discovery of destinations, hospitality and cultural exchanges from human to human. A platform without advertising intrusion or commission, without scoring or privacy, without discrimination or frontiers and without speculator or tax optimization. On the contrary, a cooperative, poetic and diffuse platform, proposing direct human-to-human exchanges, access to qualified hospitality offerings on-line as well as freely shared cultural content and a narrative navigation As a cartography to find the pleasure of travelling. LODP-Narratives The birds of passage is an initiative of professionals and citizens launched at the end of 2014 following a northern hotel arrest to the actors of tourism, culture, popular education, social economy and solidarity on the need for such Europe-wide cooperative platform. The Northern Hotel experience, at the crossroads of the collaborative economy, cultural rights and cooperative principles, has served as a support for two years of collective work to design an innovative platform that does not ape the existing one while responding To the changes in the uses and potentials offered by the Internet. Human rights, the European Principles on the value of cultural heritage, specified in the Council of Europe's Faro Convention and cooperative principles have been adopted as reference frameworks. Two conductive sons have nurtured innovation: the choice of "common" as a structuring and differentiating element where the current platforms rely on individualism and to regain the "pleasure of travelling" from the navigation on the platform to the Travel himself. From there arose the cooperative platform the birds of passage that will be online beginning 2018. This online implementation is now made possible socially by the co-opting of the producers by the birds of passage, economically by a logic of cooperation and gradual subscription to the services and commercially by the relay of offers Directly from the beneficiaries of the initial aid. The GR2013 Guides ' office and the Okhra and Northern Hotel co-ops will be present at this meeting to illustrate what the birds of passage may propose in 2018. This platform is open to those who wish to cooperate. This public meeting is an invitation to discover it and join it.


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