M S: The last sunset of the 1001 Nights of the GR2013

Sunday, September 2, Hotel du Nord joins the office of the Guides of the GR2013 and Yes We Camp to share in Foresta the last meeting of the 1001 Nights. Since February, a series of steps and artistic vigils have not invited us in the vicinity of the GR2013 to meet landscapes and narratives.  To conclude the journey in the company of the artists, the inhabitants, the numerous associations and communes that have thus traveled, the final rendezvous is set up in the northern districts, with special attention to what the stories of hip hop can us Tell about our territory. North Hotel will offer an approach walk to meet the backdrop of these ancient clay quarries in slow transition for several decades.   http://hoteldunord.coop/balades/1001-nuits-au-pied-des-lettres/

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