Course danced in the PORT of SAUMATY-Fridays June 1st and 22nd

For 2 years already the neighbors walkers of North Hotel offer you to discover the Port of Saumaty from its various uses related to the sea and fishing. But this conversation has also since the first meetings included strange artistic experiences where the possibility to exchange on another register, more uncertain but also sometimes more open. This year, the net is woven from the dance side, with the Ex Nihilo company.

"By mutual agreement" is a proposal for a dance course at the Port of Saumaty.

The Ex Nihilo Company invites you to discover the port, its activities, its rhythm, to walk through the fishing boxes, the Ice tower, the hall at Tide, and the workshops of wholesalers… An invitation to share their experience, their encounter with this place so singular, responsible for its history and that of the fishermen.

The fishing port of Marseille which has since 1976 the wholesale market and the auction is in full restructuring. This emblematic place motivated the desire of the Ex Nihilo company to take the time of a voyage, an experimentation in situ during two residences that gave rise to this proposal.

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