Prosper Wanner: Some elements of the Northern hotel balance sheet in 2013

Places of hospitality in the inhabitant The balance sheet of the year 2013 is also that of the Nord Hotel, the opportunity to share some data, to briefly recall the process and to update the Co-operative project. Hotel du Nord is the first cooperative of inhabitants in Europe to apply the European principles laid down by the European Framework Convention on the value of cultural heritage for society, known as the Faro Convention. This Convention recognizes that everyone has the right to be involved in the cultural heritage of their choice as an aspect of the right to freely take part in cultural life, a right enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the nations United Nations (1948). It makes cultural and natural heritage a resource for a better framework and quality of life and for future generations. In Marseille, elected representatives, associations, citizens, artists and entrepreneurs did not wait for the Faro Convention to seize the European recommendations which the previous. Since 1995, they have been applied in the northern parts of the city. Gathered in "Heritage communities", they conduct research on their histories and heritage environment, supported until 2012 by a curator made available as part of a European integrated heritage mission. The results of this work regularly take place in publications, classifications, archiving, artistic creations, heritage walks, etc. The European Heritage days have become since 2005 the annual appointment of these heritage communities with the public and welcome several thousand visitors each year. With this mobilization, 8 heritage communities gathered in the 15/16 Heritage Commission, presided by the District Council, have imagined the Northern Hotel offering hospitality to Venetians on the occasion of the European Heritage days of 2009. En 2010 Marseille-Provence 2013 a co produced the pilot phase hosted by SCOP Place and then from 2011 the structuring phase in cooperative form to which the region, the Department and the foundations of France and Macif were associated. The Northern Hotel has joined the Faroes principles of the 2nd and 3rd arrondissements and the 13th and 14me arrondissement of Marseille and of the city. Night per yearFor the year 2013 Marseille-Provence European Capital of Culture, the forty members of the cooperative has committed to all the four signatory municipalities of Faro, and unsustainable 50 hosts – associations, inhabitants, collectives, Companies-, have offered their hospitality in about forty rooms at the inhabitant and a hundred heritage walks to discover Marseille by its north, they have sold local works and products, have cooperated with institutions Cultural events such as Marseille-Provence 2013, the Belle de Mai wasteland and the Museum of Contemporary Art MAC and the Co-operative coordinated the Marseille Forum on the social value of heritage for the society in which some thirty euro countries participated Mediterranean at the invitation of the Heritage Communities, the 4 signatory councils of Faro, the European Commission, the Council of Europe and Marseille-Provence 2013. HdN Balance Sheet Lapses 2013The hosts/inhabitants welcomed more than two thousand five hundred passengers in stays and walks. The local economic benefits were 10,000 euros per month: sale of nights, walks, books, etc. About forty articles and reports have been devoted to this hospitality. Today the Northern Hotel affirms itself as a cooperative of inhabitants who propose the hospitality and the discovery of the heritages of the districts of the rear port of Marseille in the form of guest rooms, urban walks and the sale of books and Local productions. Passengers greeted by guests come for touristic reasons (60%) or family, professional or health reasons (40%) Often longer stays. One third of the passengers being greeted are foreign. Its social object remains the economic valorisation of the patrimony of these districts in the interest of those who work there, stay and live and its frame of reference the Convention of Faro. Its activity is the identification and recognition of legal frameworks adapted to its new uses of heritage, such as the recognition of the right to hospitality in today's forbidden social habitat; The training and qualification of the hosts for these uses in a knowledge exchange logic (School of hosts); and the promotion of hospitality and the discovery of the heritages thus produced via its brand "Hotel du Nord" and its Internet platform We produce what we sell. We sell what we produce. " At the end of 2013, the North Hotel has been recognized with the right to market the hospitality of its members without necessarily having to go through the travel agencies or to become one. HdN Charges 2013Its means are an annual budget of 120,000 euros financed for two thirds by the sale of commercial services (sale of walks, programming, etc.) and for a third of public subsidies and sponsorship linked to the solidarity economy which must be added Significant non-monetary contributions from its members and partners. Two-thirds of this budget finances two salaried positions at the service of members and the Co-operative project. Its cooperative principles are the free, voluntary and open membership, the democratic power exercised by the members (one member, one vote), the control by the inhabitants (they are statutory majority and elect a supervisory board), The exchange of knowledge (School of hosts), common ownership of means (website, brand), non-profit, the imshareability of reservations (common good) and autonomy and independence. Its members are to date 43 of which according to its statutes, more than half are local hosts. A third of the members are legal entities (companies and associations [1]) and some non-host members support the cooperative venture. The horizon of the cooperative is "glocal": its historical horizon is the northern districts of Marseille which are its base and its origin. North Hotel has its headquarters. Its economic horizon is the metropolitan area of Marseille, an area of mutualisation of means indispensable to its economic equilibrium. Its political horizon is the Euro-Mediterranean, the space of reciprocity and networking with other citizens ' movements sharing its purposes. Imagined in 2009, tested in 2010, structured in 2011 and 2012 and promoted in 2013, today the cooperative continues its development and builds new alliances. The road has been traversed, on foot and in our heads, since the twenty nights sold in 2010 until the 1500 nights of 2013. The adventure remains fragile, imperfect just as exciting and collective.

Prosper Wanner, manager, January 2014.
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