Walter Benjamin

In the window from 15 September to 15 December 2018 some paths of WALTER BENJAMIN in MARSEILLE

A proposal for a North hotel and the Office of the Guides of GR2013 in co-production with the Musée d'histoire de Marseille in the context of the cycle "Walter Benjamin in Marseille" 

    Go to the showcase of the GR2013, 152 La Canebière 13001 Marseille Vernissage Sunday 16 September at 12h some paths of Walter Benjamin in Marseille [exhibition] between the old obsolete national accounts and the European narratives fledgling, Christine Breton (Honorary Heritage Conservatory) invites us to ask the poetic necessity of counter-fiction. From a few geographical and thought paths of Walter Benjamin in Marseille, there are situations conducive to the emergence of other narratives of a common history. Showcased by Christine Breton with Julie de molt and Jean Cristofol, Scénograpie Theo Paolo Goedert and Milena Walter.    Out of the window on Sunday 30 September follow Walter Benjamin [stroll] by Christine Breton and the association Les Labourdettes. From the showcase on the Canebière to the Labourdette towers, in order to follow the surveys of Walter Benjamin, passing through the café Riche and the Hotel du commerce and traders.   On inscription only of the mouth [Performance market] by Nicolas Martin. A balancing performance exploring the emotion felt by the people of the North who discover the physics of Marseille, live in the animation of our streets and places. A group with slippery posture on the quay of the Belgians and the bottom of the Canebière, pretending not to look at our faces and our postures, hiding behind the pretext of the evocations of those who described our little people. Free on registration on departure at 152 la Canebière/arrival at the Marseille History Museum on the edge of the window on Sunday, October 7 "Geography of the Unseen, from Walter Benjamin to Trevor paraglen" [Mini Sidewalk Conference #1] by Jean Cristofol, philosopher and teacher at the School of Art of Aix en Provence. Walter Benjamin's text the author as producer (1934) has constantly echoed and referenced in the artistic field. Today, it is still an active force that allows us to think about the reconfiguration of practices which, between art, science and activism, renew the forms of experimentation and intervention in the social field.   «Yellow tooth of sea-wolf jaws open… [Mini-Sidewalk Conference #2] Anna Gjuillo, artist and teacher at the University of Aix-Marseille. Benjamin develops the complex, trendy notion of a work that can only be politically correct if it is literaryly just. The question is how to make commitment and quality coincide by insisting in particular on the technique of the author. It is Walter Benjamin writer who will be summoned in this reading-performance from his text titled Marseille that it is to propose to the street, as to better experience and put into practice the theories of its author. Free admission on Saturday 13 October the city-port, lifted from the Rue de Lyon with Walter Benjamin [stroll] 9.30 am to 12.30 am lifted from the rue de Lyon with Jean Cristofol, Christine Breton and Julie de molt, sequenced by interventions in TR Ois bars de la rue de Lyon-aux dung, Saint-Louis, La Viste-which will hang the possible encounters imagined between W. Benjamin and Emile Zoccola, Hanna Arendt and Siegfried Kracauer.  On registration start of the Bougainville Metro

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