Wildproject publishes an excerpt from the first North Hotel hospitality account

Wildproject, the online journal of Cultural Ecology published in February 2011 the article "Philippe Mathern and the tunnel of the Nerthe are the founders of the Dinosauro-mania." This text is extracted from "at the ravine of the Viste", first title of the collection "Tales of hospitality of the Hotel du Nord" by authors Christine Breton and Hervé Paraponaris, published in the joint editions in January 2011. "Think with the feet" Issue 9 February 2011. There's a thousand ways to walk. But whether she is a pilgrim, Conqueror, Runaway, nomad it is a cyclical and seasonal march, the March draws a territory, and is a powerful means of travel, beyond its seemingly modest pace. Between leisure, art, philosophy and spirituality, and on the occasion of the creation of the GR2013 in Marseille, the first metropolitan Hiking trail, a few trails between city and nature.

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