H2H in workshop in Marseille

After Poitiers (collective hosts), Venice (economic model) and before Paris (artisans), the process of creating a national cooperative platform of Hospitality, H2H, will hold its third workshop in Marseille. Carried by actors in social tourism, culture, open source, fair trade, the cooperative world and trade unionism, H2H has set itself the objective of being operational at the end of 2017 with web tools, a common brand, cooperative governance and a first catalogue of hospitality. The web agency Marseille Silex-digital size, accompanies the phase of definition of Web tools and the Institute of Critical Research in Civic City design work on identity. The Marseille workshop will take place on Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 July at the Belle de Mai, at the Saint Antoine Social Centre and at the Gare Franche. It will focus on the uses and expectations of individual hosters and urban guides, assemblers (tour operators) and cultural data producers. About 20 members of the 10 hospitality networks mobilized around H2H will be present.

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