Donkeys have returned to ForestA… on the way to a school of nature

Hotel du Nord shares with you the account of the Group of inhabitants who are involved in the side of Benedikte and its 14 donkeys on the grounds of ForestA. A story to discover this adventure in construction but also to invite to join it, it is collective and open to all!

To maintain the crazy herbs of the 16 hectares of the territory of ForestA, the 14 donkeys of Benedikte of the Association Mont'asses are again marseillais…, to take care of the places and also for the enjoyment of the children and inhabitants of the Northern neighborhoods.

Donkeys to ForestA why?

  • For the ecological mowing of the place
  • As part of the gradual setting up of the school of nature with to begin (Wednesdays of the little shepherds from 2pm to 5.30 pm, free on inscription Nathalie 06 99 01 23 10)

Because donkeys are also a magical medium to the exchanges between human beings!

Sea view with donkeys

They arrived on the 24th of March on the occasion of the Spring Festival of ForestA, on the legs of the Park of Pichauris (Allauch) by the massif of the Etoile, then by truck of Château Gombert to be on time at the party!

As soon as they are on the spot the children of the neighborhood feel it and are magneted by these gentle animals in the long hair. Relationships are forged with those who take care of them: Benedikte, Jonathan, Agnès, Nathalie, Vincent (responsible for the shared gardens of the neighbouring Belvedere).

On 10 April, the children of the ITEP of St Louis and those of the district courageously embark on a great cleansing of the future donkey Park (at the BD of Hanoi), so that they do not get hurt. 

Shepherds on the sea

Benedikte tells them about the donkeys and their mission on ForestA.

Then we go to action!

Garbage disposal for donkeys in front of the gazebo garden

A lot of waste is found: glass, leftover snacks and parties, plastics, packaging, and some very dangerous items for donkey's feet.

Small archaeology of waste
many wastes…
but an iron will

There you go! The place is clean. The children understood that throwing rubbish anywhere was not without consequence!

Hopefully this awareness gained from this young audience will find its echo with other visitors…

We're done for today.
Benedikte and the little shepherds

The buckle's locked!

We heal, we brush, we learn the language of animals

Benedikte explains how to brush donkeys to rid them of their winter coat.

A lot of attention and exchanges

Agnes explains the morphology of the donkey's hooves, and how to maintain them.

Everybody's thrilled! Children and adults! We worked well, we had fun, we learned a lot!

The Association Yes we camp allows us to gather and Exchange joyfully on this beautiful day, around a good tasting!

The next day, April 11th, we receive residents of St. Louis via the social Center, as well as two new recruits with long ears, Bichette and pomponette who meet their mates.

Many moms and grandmothers accompanied the children. They seem as happy and interested as they are!

Then the long awaited moment by the little shepherds arrives! We're going for a walk. In turn well supervised by the people of the team and the Moms, the children (less than 40 kg) straddle the donkeys!

We travel…
Well deserved walk

Already our neighbors of the neighborhood testify of their interest in relation to the presence of donkeys next to their home. We hope that the well-being of our friends with long ears is also based on the benevolent attention of neighbours and visitors.

Wednesday snacks
To talk with donkeys

This project is under construction.

Any participation, idea, suggestion are welcome. We are very keen that our actions respond to the desire of the inhabitants. Activities can also be exported from forestA (animation in social Center, school, neighborhood, market, hospital…). 

Feel free to contact Benedikte: 06 83 52 92 97, Nathalie: 06 99 01 23 10 or Agnès: 06 08 36 70 93.

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