Anniversary walk at our eastern neighbours!

It has been several years since the marchers of Rives and cultures, who work in the Eastern quarters of Marseille, and those of Hôtel du Nord correspond to the scale of their feet.

Cross-walks, joint research around our industrial rivers or our oppida, urban transformations in tension, opportunities to find topics of conversations are not lacking. But here is a bit peculiar since the Association Rives et cultures celebrates its 10 years. The accomplices initiatives will join her on the ground for a great walk with several voices and territories…

Rives & cultures is pleased to invite you to its 10-year anniversary March on Sunday, 3 February:P erma
nences and urban transformations in the East of Marseille tribu
te to the geographer Marcel Roncayol
owith the participation of partner associations Bureau des guides du GR2013, Chantepierre, Hotel du Nord, Momkin, Robins of the cities!

RDV 10.30 at the level of the 126, BD Pont-de
-Vivaux. accessible by bus n ° 18 stop Pont-de-Vivaux-Sidolle even bus 15 near (stop St Loup-Flo
rian) picnic to expect!
End of the trip around 4.30 pm at the Metro the f
odder inscriptions by email: or Tel:

On the heights of the City Air Bel-may 2013

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